Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is located in Slidell, LA off of Gause Boulevard. We are in the same shopping center with Rouse’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Petco, and Northshore Church.

There are many reasons persons seek the support of psychotherapy, ranging from anxiety or depression, to difficulties in creating and sustaining stable and nurturing bonds with others, to fears of expressing themselves authentically or trusting others. Some seek the assistance of psychotherapy to understand anger or conflicts with family members, spouses or other persons with who they are engaged romantically, collegially or as friends or lingering influences from their early lives that affected them adversely. Others seek the help of psychotherapy to develop new ways of responding to circumstances that have been habitually problematic, to develop more capacity for intimacy or to experience more joy and contentment in their lives. Sometimes a particular experience, such as a separation, divorce or a turbulent disagreement, or a milestone, such as marrying or becoming a parent, may also precipitate a decision to seek counseling; at other times a long-standing and vague sense of feeling lost, confused and disengaged from others. The reasons are vast and as varied as people themselves, but most people share a desire for a more gratifying experience of their lives.

Studies have found psychotherapy to be useful in be useful in assisting persons to:

  • Develop more psychological awareness and
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Learn to resolve both internal and interpersonal conflicts
  • Manage, reduce or relieve symptoms of emotional distress
  • Develop more social, relational or vocational functioning
  • Pursue personal growth and development
  • Reconstruct their lives in the aftermath of trauma and abuse.

Most sessions are weekly and 50-55 minutes in length, however your therapist may suggest meeting longer or more frequently depending on your needs and goals. Sessions with couples are often scheduled for 60 to 75 minutes by some therapists. Please discuss your therapist’s approach to session frequency and length during your first session.

The length of therapy is dependent on many factors, including your goals, how frequently and consistently you attend sessions, your level of motivation for change, and the type of concerns or issues you are addressing in therapy. In general, recent situational stressors or problems can be addressed in fewer sessions than longer-standing issues or situations involving trauma or abuse. Of course, therapy is a collaborative process, and we encourage you to share your preferences with your therapist. Even longer-term goals can be pursued in “chapters” if you prefer.

Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success. To derive the most from psychotherapy, attend your sessions regularly.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, most if not all of our therapists have shifted to seeing clients remotely, using the phone or video-conferencing. Teletherapy can only be offered to residents of Louisiana.

In some cases, insurance plans can help cover the cost of therapy. Check directly with your insurance company to inquire about your plan’s coverage. Here are some questions that might be helpful to ask:

  • What mental health benefits for therapy (or teletherapy) do I have under my plan?
  • Do I have out of network benefits?
  • How much will insurance cover per session?
  • How many sessions will be covered?
  • Do I have coverage to see an out-of-network provider? At what level?
  • Do I need prior approval from my primary care physician?

During your first meeting, most therapists will ask you some preliminary questions as a way of getting to know you and your reasons for seeking therapy. Check out this page on our website to learn more about your first session.

The Counseling Center strives to offer affordable counseling. We offer a range of fees to ensure that you are able to receive healing and assistance while being a good steward of your finances. For more information on our fees, contact our office at 985-262-2240 or fill out our contact form.

The Counseling Center uses SimplePractice for the majority of its medical records processes. Click here to learn more about our process.

Small talk can change everything.

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