In our increasingly digital world, we’re finding new ways to connect.

In our increasingly digital world, we’re finding new ways to connect. Enter teletherapy — therapy offered by phone or video online. While at one time an appealing alternative for persons unable to attend in-person sessions, teletherapy is now providing a crucial lifeline for persons experiencing the impact and upheaval of our worldwide pandemic and the necessary quarantine we must all undergo to ensure our collective safety and survival.

To support our community during this time of unparalleled crisis, The Counseling Center is now offering teletherapy services to individuals, couples and families via video-conferencing. Therapy by phone is also available when needed.

Our therapists are dedicated to providing you with the critical support many of us will need to navigate this time with as much resilience and fortitude as possible. Offering appointments 7 days a week, during day and evening hours, these therapists can provide you with consistent, reliable, caring weekly psychological and emotional support during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and chaos.

If you are more worried, anxious and sad, if you find yourself more irritable and impatient with your loved ones, if your once stable relationship now seems unsteady, if suddenly nothing makes sense they way it did once, you are not alone. We are all experiencing a massive paradigm shift, as everything we know and have known is shifting.

While challenging for us all, persons with depression, anxiety or other vulnerabilities, such as a history of personal, familial or intergenerational trauma, who are marginalized or who suffer from the influences of inequity or oppression, may feel especially burdened, fearful and challenged now.

We understand.

Whoever you are, whatever your needs, we welcome you to call or email us.

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We are here to help.

The Counseling Center, located off of Gause Boulevard in Slidell, Louisiana is committed to providing you the highest quality therapeutic support. Our therapists have been chosen for their skill, compassion, integrity and dedication to providing therapeutic care and have all acquired advanced graduate-level clinical training.

Small talk can change everything.

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